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☆ // i want fabulous

August 2008

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☆ // is that too much to ask

ooc // character information

Name; Sharpay Evans
Age; 17

Personality; Sharpay is no doubt a drama queen, rather arrogant, domineering and melodramatic. She enjoys bossing her brother Ryan around, wanting everything to be her way and her way only. She accepts nothing but having things the way she wants it. You could also call her self-centered, it is said if she could play both lead roles, even her brother would be out of a job.

She expects everything to be fabulous, often wearing glittery colors because of this. She is quite jealous of Gabriella, because of her seeming crush on Troy Bolton. Not one to show much kindness, Sharpay certainly shows this in toward Kelsi.

To backtrack to wanting things her way, she will stop at nothing to gain this. Including scheming to find a way to achieve her goals, even if it is at others expense. While she is generally mean to everyone, she does have another side to her. She has been shown to show a slight amount of kindness and regret after Troy agrees to sing with her in the Lava Springs talent show. This reveals she does truly have a good side, deep inside under the surface of the persona she normally displays.

History; Returning to East High from the holidays, Sharpay is quickly given attention for using her cell phone by Ms. Darbus'. Seeing that Gabriella later was looking over the sign up sheet for the musical along with Troy, Sharpay and her brother Ryan quickly research this new girl. They find out she was one of the smartest students in her former school, so they see to it that she gets involved with the smartest students in school. They do this by printing out the information to han over to the right people.

Sharpay and Ryan audition for the lead roles in the musical, for the lead roles of Arnold and Minnie. When Kelsi asks which key, Ryan informs her that they had their rehearsal pianist set up an arrangement of the song "What I've Been Looking For". After their audition, they believe they are the only ones with call-back. However, much to her dismay she is angry to see Troy and Gabriella on the list. As they did not even audition.

Deciding that things need to get back to where they belong, it leads to "Stick to the Status Quo". During this Gabriella accidently spills her lunch on Sharpay, which leads to Sharpay claiming that Troy only auditioned as he plans to ruin the musical.

Along with Ryan she continues to work toward a way to keep them out of the musical. Including changing the audition dates, by convincing Ms. Darbus' it's in the musicals best interest. Despite this, Gabriella and Troy sing for their call-back landing the leads in the musical.

Just as summer vacation begins, Sharpay witnesses Troy giving Gabriella a necklace with a "T" on it as his promise to her. When Sharpay asks Ryan who East High's primo boy and girl are, Ryan answers Troy and Sharpay. With this Sharpay formulates a plan to steal Troy.

Planning to relax and have some fabulous fun, Sharpay and Ryan head to the Lava Springs Club. Noticing Troy while at the pool, Sharpay attempts to wave only to see that Troy is busy saying hi to Gabriella. Now realizing Gabriella is there, she accidentally falsl into the pool and Gabriella dives in to save her. Sharpay demands to know why she is there, Gabriella starts that she's there as a lifeguard. When Sharpay goes to Mr. Fulton to ask why this happened, she finds out it was her mom that allowed all the wildcats to work at LAva Springs. When her mom refuses to reconsider, Sharpay tells Mr. Fulton to make their jobs miserable.

Sharpay later is spying on Troy and Gabriella through binoculars ands ees that Troy and Gabriella are on the golf course. This leads to her telling Fulton to water the green which Troy and Gabriella are on. Troy is just about to kiss Gabriella when the sprinklers come on. Fulton notices them and gives them a warning that if it happens two more times they will be fired. After this, Sharpay tells Ryan to keep a close eye on them.

Ryan over hears the following day, Troy and Gabriella singing a new song Kelsi has written and informs Sharpay. Sharpay decides that Troy would be perfect for the talent show, but without Gabriella.

At work, Chad and Troy are both asked to be caddies for two guests which happen to be Sharpay's parents. Sharpay tells her dad how great Troy is in golf and basketball and that he would be perfect for the University of Albuquerque. Sharpay's dad tells her that he will look into this. During the golf game, Troy manages to impress Sharpay's dad with his golf expertise. Troy is then invited to join Sharpay and her family to a dinner with all of the UOA board members to discuss the probability of a scholarship. During this dinner, Sharpay mentions that Troy can sing. Since he makes excuses for not being able to sing at that moment, Sharpay forces him to promise to sing with her later.

After being late for a date with Gabriella and receiving a second warning from Mr. Fulton, the next day Troy and Gabriella plan to have lunch to make up for this. However, Sharpay interrupts him when he is talking to Gabriella and tells him to see Mr. Fulton now. Mr. Fulton tells Troy he has been promoted and will now assist with teaching golf to children. Sharpay also signs up for this class, though she can actually golf like a pro. She pretends to act like she doesn't know how to golf, in order to have him teach her.

Sharpay later practices with Troy to a much upbeat version of "You Are The Music In Me". During the whole rehearsal, Troy is not use to all the fireworks and effects that Sharpay has during her number. When the song finally is finished, Troy claims that he needs some air and takes 5. During the break, Troy sees the wildcats having fun dancing to a song. Sharpay hears it and goes to spy on them. When the practive is over and everyone leaves, Sharpay asks Ryan what he is doing. Ryan tells her that since she is doing the show with Troy instead of him that he decided to help out the wildcats. Sharpay tells him that she will win and not them.

To help with her will to win, Sharpay tells Mr. Fulton that all junior employees need to work during the talent show. The next day at work Mr. Fulton gives Taylor the job of handing out the flyers that state all junior employees must work during the talent show. All of them are upset, but it is Gabriella who storms out to have a word with Sharpay. Whens he finds Sharpay, she tells her that the wildcats and her brother have worked really hard on this routine. Sharpay still doesn't budge and claims she is just helping Troy. She also tells Gabriella she is just mad because she won. Gabriella say she doesn't want to play this game, so she is quitting. Sharpay then walks off with The Sharpettes.

Troy overhears this all, which leads to their break up before she quits. Gabriella even returns Troy the necklace. The next day, he finds out that Sharpay made all the wildcats work instead of be in the talent show and decides to take control of his life instead of Sharpay or the scholarship. He confronts Sharpay and tells her he is not singing with her in the talent show because of how she treated his friends. He asked for his old job back and has to work, which causes Sharpay to burst into tears. Ryan talks to Sharpay and tells her that is not going to sing with her either. Sharpay bursts into tears and falls apart. Ryan in the kitchen tells Troy that he should sing with his sister because he does not want to see her humiliated. Troy then tells Sharpay that he will only sing with her if the wildcats can sing in the talent show. Which Sharpay reluctantly agrees to.

When Troy has a new song to learn, Troy asks Sharpay why she had him learn a new song. Though she doesn't know what he is talking about. Sharpay says she didn't learn a new song and Ryan responds,"Exactly." Troy goes out singing and it is Gabriella who chimes in. After the duet and the wild cats joining in with the last chorus, Mr. Fulton goes on stage to announce the winner. Sharpay though steals the mike and announces that Ryan won. That night they all go out to enjoy the fireworks, including Sharpay.

On the last day of work, the staff have a pool party, which Sharpay is also at along with Ryan.

Name; Megan
Age; 22
Journal; balthierashe