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☆ // i want fabulous

August 2008

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☆ // well isn't this fabulous


I'm singing with Troy now. So enjoy the show.

Troy... Sharpay. Sharpay... Troy. It just makes sense, doesn't it?

Oh Troy! We should get rehearsing at once if we're doing that talent show. Toodles!


Troy Bolton... the basketball star... is choosing to sing with you? Why would anyone choose to sing with you.
You really don't want to continue that.
Uh. Sure. Anytime when it doesn't collide with my basketball training, 'kay?
Oh but of course! How's tomorrow looking?
After 3 pm, free like a bird. Where?
Well I bet Ms. Darbus will let us use the stage for rehearsals, even if it's after school!

I'm very good at convincing her.
Ri-ght. For some reason, I'm not surprised you're good at that. Anyway, see you then.
Oh, I'm sure I will and I'll enjoy it with...Skylar! Psh!
You do that.
Oh, I will, and I'll enjoy it while you live in your delusion that Troy will want you as his girlfriend. You should give it up before you get hurt, dear sister. Really.

Private to Ryan

I'm delusional? Do you really think Skylar is ever going to be interested?

I'm far from delusional.

Re: Private to Sharpay

Well, even if she doesn't end up being interested in me, at least I can say I've got a true friend in her. Oh, but you wouldn't know anything about that.

Private to Ryan

How can...

Never mind. Just go.