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☆ // i want fabulous

August 2008

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☆ // oh how cute

[001] Strikes un-readable

Oh Ryan! I got us a new song! It'll be fabulous, trust me!

Or maybe I can get Troy to sing with me. Now that is truly fabulous.


Oh yay!

Oh, joy...someone help me and put me out of my misery
We'll have Kelsi turn this into a masterpiece. The next school show will be ours again.

That Gabriella girl better not try to sink her claws into it.
Oh, yes we definitely will!

Sometimes I wonder how I'm related to you
Very well! You and I will find Kelsi at once!

We must fix this song though, we don't want anyone to fall asleep on us.

Of course if I get Troy to sing with me... Then I suppose I won't need Ryan.
Of course not, that would be such a drag!

Pity it won't be boring, then people would get tired of Sharpay and her "all that"
Exactly! Oh and if you see that Skylar girl. Avoid her. She's just like that Gabriella girl.

Why must they come to my school? Ryan better not try to be her friend like with Gabriella.
Oh no, and that's such a bad thing! Why oh why must they come to our school??

I'm glad, someone needs to put Sharpay in her place
You're telling me! It's beginning to become an outrage.

Hm. Of course Ryan would agree with me. It almost makes me glad to call him my brother.
Why it's such an outrage t-t-t-that I can't even speak!
I knew you'd see things my way.
Why, of course, sister dear!

She'd kill me otherwise!